Magento Banner Slider Extension

This extension is an banner management tool, adding the ability for online shops to display banners as a slider of images at the top of their web’s page. Hence, site owners can place banners of different advertisers or may run banners of some promotional campaigns at the most noticeable position.

Why should use Banner slider?
As we know that the top position of a website page is most viewed by visitors. Therefore, it is a great idea to add several banners of different advertisers or promotional campaigns as an image slider, so that customers will have a better view and won’t be distracted as if banners are placed at too many positions.

To make this slider show on home page, you have to put this line of code in homepage cms in admin: 
{{block type='bannerslider/bannerslider' template='bannerslider/bannerslider.phtml'}} 

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