Magento - Add new language to your store

Adding a new language to Magento can’t be easier than this. One thing I have noticed is that it’s really easier in this case to not use Magento Connect Manager. Sometimes it doesn’t work and for this specific case, it might easy to do it by hand so, let’s get started:
  1. Go to the site: and download the proper language that you are looking for.
  2. Extract and upload the files you downloaded to your Magento’s root directory. Keep in mind it will upload files to your app folder in Magento, but unless you try with a language that you already have there, it won’t overwrite anything as it’s a new language.
  3. Once you finish uploading, go to your Magento’s Admin.
  4. Go to: System>Manage Stores.
  5. Click on “Create A Store View”.
  6. Once there comes the really important thing: Put the name you want for the “Name” field, but in your “Code” field, make sure you enter your main theme followed by a “_” (underscore) and then the name of the language you want to use. Even if you used a new template that you did or purchase it would be under a main template type (default or base). Let’s say you have a new template you purchased called “MAG0873″ and its folder resides under “default”. Also, let’s say you installed Spanish language, then you would put “default_spanish” in this field.
  7. Save it and now go to:  System>Configuration.
  8. There, select your new Store View name from the “Current Configuration Scope” item in the top left column.
  9. Now, go to the option: General>Locale.
  10. After that, uncheck the option “Use Website” and make sure you change “Locale” field to the language you downloaded (be specific according to the drop down list!).
  11. Save it after changing it and now clean your cache and refresh your Front End.
Now, few important things:
If you didn't deactivate the original Store View a new drop down will appear in the Front End to change the language and the new Store View’s Name will appear there. Once you select it, the entire template should switch its language.

It might happen it switches language but, it also shows old/default template, well, no worries, this means you need to set up your new Store View to use the proper template according to your design set up. The next steps are specific for the persons who install templates through the System>Design option as I do (which I think is the easier and faster way).
  1. Go to System>Design
  2. Add a new Design.
  3. In the “Store” field, select the new Store View you recently created.
  4. Now select the “Custom Design” you previously installed in your system.
  5. Save it.
Now, your store should be using the proper design in the proper Store View (language).
Ok, now it happens that the home page doesn't show exactly as you had it on the original (English) language? Well, it might be happening that the Home page is set up for an specific Store View. To fix it, just go to CMS>Pages, now click on the “Home” record (assuming you are using default settings that come with Magento) and then in its options make sure you have “Store View”  field set up to “All Store Views”. Save it now.
Remember all of these changes require to either have cache off or just refresh your cache, so go ahead and do it if necessary and refresh your home page, it should be displaying properly now, right?
I hope this helps you all.

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