Magento - Custom Product Preview Extension

Custom Product Preview (Pro Extension - 199$)

When it comes to selling customizable products online, the trickiest part might be trying to achieve understanding with your customers on how the end-product will look like.
Custom Product Preview extension for Magento can add more certainty for you and your customers. This extension enables your customers to create a preview of the end-product by placing their custom image and/or text over your product image.
As Admin, you will be able to upload a background image that represents the custom product and define the printing area, and your customers will be able to upload and position their images and/or text that are to be printed, embroidered, etc. on your products.
This way your customers will be able to convey what they have in mind, and you won’t have to be second-guessing about how to position customers’ graphics on your customizable product.
This easy-to-use and intuitive tool can provide you with an image that serves as an agreement with your customer of what the end-product should look like. It also helps to make sure that customers are aware of your requirements for files that will be used in production. This is a must-have for stores that sell products with custom graphics, such as T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, etc.

Benefits of enabling Custom Product Review in your Magento store:

* Better customer satisfaction: Graphic preview is more specific than verbal description. The less guessing there is in the order/production process, the better you can meet customers’ expectations;
* Improved lead-time: If your customers can specify all requirements while placing an order, you can proceed with it right away and save the time and effort needed to coordinate the preview image with your customers.
* Better conversion rate: Customers will prefer you over your competition because you provide the opportunity to see what their order would look like before placing it.
Please note that the extension only works with Simple, Configurable, Downloadable and Virtual products.
Live Demo: 
Search for the "Custom Product Preview" menu item and for the following products:
Cup: Customer image, T-Shirt(green) : Customer image, T-Shirt : Customer image<span>


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