Magento Birthday Coupon Extension

It is crucial for success of any business to build great relationships with its customers. Birthday Coupon extension is a perfect tool for this – once set, it will automatically send discount notifications to customers on their birthdays and your customers will love you for that and place more orders!
We've released a new extension called Special Occasion Coupons, which fully duplicates functionality of this extension but also offers many additional features for the same! price.

With the extension you can:

  • Automatically send birthday coupon notifications - before, after or right on birthday
  • Choose which email template to use for the notifications
  • Indicate discount amount and type (percent or fixed discount)
  • Define the number of coupon uses
  • Specify coupon expiry period
  • An option to send a coupon N days after customer registration or on the day of registration to increase loyalty and incentivize customers to place more orders (can be disabled)
  • Automatic deletion of the old coupons (optional)

    Go to this link: Birthday Coupon Extension
     and install the extension. Click here to find how to install an extension in Magento.

    1. Hello, everyone
      It is a great change to increase customer loyalty and involve customer to buy more. Of course partically each person use social networks today. Now I use Facebook and Twitter Promo. Seems that it is good and meets my requirements.
      Hope it will be useful for someone.
      Also the extension can automatically delete coupons, if customer dislike the page.

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    4. Sending coupons is a god marketing strategy for boosting sales. Some people even don't buy from online shops unless they have a discount coupon.
      Here is one more Magento extension - Special Occasion Coupons - which will help you send discounts not only on birthdays but also on other events like registration, newsletter signup and others.

    5. Thanks for Amazing Blog.
      I would like to suggest other some of Magento Extensions with free extensions.