Magento - Help Desk Integration for WebForms

Help Desk Integration for WebForms is a wonderful extension from

* Now included in WebForms Pro 2 package

Seamless integration between WebForms and Help Desk
Magento versions: 1.3+

* WebForms extension required

WebForms + Help Desk
This extension creates seamless integration between WebForms and your help desk extension. If you have help desk installed in your system you will get great benefit of WebForms.

Product features

  • Convert results to tickets
  • Automatically generate tickets on web-forms submission
  • Extra departments/priority field types for your forms
  • Replace built in ticket forms *
* Only for Aheadworks and Magestore help desk extensions

You need Help Desk first

You can get one of following extensions:
  • Aheadworks Help Desk Ultimate
  • IToris Help Desk
  • Magestore Support Ticket
  • Mage-World Help Desk

Then install WebForms: Help Desk Integration

After you install this package each web-form will get extra settings group in Settings tab. Let them create help desk tickets and assign them to required department. You can always convert web-forms results to tickets with new mass action in results grid.

You`ll notice new configuration settings on Forms Settings page that let you configure default new ticket and reply Help Desk web-forms.

New field types will automatically load values from customer order history and Help Desk:
  • Help Desk / Departments
    Select type field which auto loads customer-visible departments
  • Help Desk / Priority
    Select type field which auto loads default priority list

System Requirements

  • Magento 1.3+
  • WebForms 1.3.2+
  • Help Desk extension

Supported Help Desk extensions

  • Aheadworks Help Desk Ultimate
  • IToris Help Desk
  • Magestore Support Ticket
  • Mage-World Help Desk
  • More coming soon. Contact if you are interested


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